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A very Lovely tribute video........Please watch.....!!!First Look: 9/11 Museum to balance grief with remembrance..........♥

Please watch this lovely tribute to 9/11.........!!
Published on Sep 7, 2011 This is my first ever video that's not an FSX movie I tried to pay as much respect as I could thought out the whole video I collected the clips from all over the internet, I found this video very hard to make physically and emotionally we should all never forget 9/11. Song was: "hallelujah" from the film shrek original by Leonard Cohen. Category Film & Animation License Standard YouTube License


Visitors to the 9/11 Memorial look into the glass atrium of the 9/11 Museum to check on progress and view the massive steel "tridents" recovered from the debris of the World Trade Center towers following the attacks of September 11, 2001. The museum is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2014.

Survivors' Stairs
As visitors descend from the memorial hall to bedrock level, they will walk beside the ‘Survivors' Stairs,’ a concrete stairwell that provided a means of escape for hundreds of people fleeing from the burning towers. The stairs, which led from the World Trade Center plaza to an adjoining street, remained intact after the towers' collapse and will guide museum visitors to the major exhibits. The staircase is particularly striking, Daniels said, because it is a reminder that the people escaping the attack that day “could have been any of us.”

Among the more notable artifacts is a large cross made of an intersecting steel column and crossbeam found in the rubble of 6 World Trade Center two days after 9/11. Workers at “the pile,” as the site was known at the time, regularly gathered for mass at this cross during the nine-month recovery period.

Look at the men on the crane chair......for size reference........OMG.........that wall is huge....!!!!

Foundation Hall, the vast, main cavern of the museum, is formed on one side by a 60-foot piece of the original “slurry wall,” an integral part of the World Trade Center’s foundation. The slurry wall was engineered to keep the Hudson River from flooding the site by creating a “bathtub” in which the towers would be built. Against all odds, the slurry wall held on 9/11. Had it not, the devastation in Lower Manhattan could have included a massive flood, Daniels said.

below.....thats  the back end of  'Engine 21'.........burnt out.....and bent..........!!!

Scattered across the exhibit halls and galleries will be artifacts that reflect the human scale of the destruction on 9/11, including several first responder vehicles that were mangled in the towers’ collapse. Visitors will come across one of those vehicles, Engine 21, from the back, where it looks like any fire truck on any New York street. When visitors reach the front of the rig, they'll see it crushed and split with its cab burned out, making apparent the force of the towers’ collapse.

a piece of steel from the point of Flight 11's impact on the North Tower.....OMG.....!!!!

Impact Steel
That jarring feeling is amplified in a far corner of the museum, where what looks at first like a sculpture in the distance reveals itself to be another massive, contorted steel column from the World Trade Center. This piece, known as "impact steel," is a fragment of the north façade of the North Tower at the very spot where Flight 11 crashed into the building, ripping a six-story gash in the building exterior from the 93rd to 99th floor.

Again......Look at the Size reference........against the workers down on the floor level........!!

The Footprints
The museum incorporates the footprints of the original towers, which are now memorialized as sunken waterfalls cascading into reflecting pools on the memorial plaza at ground level. The underbellies of these massive pools, sheathed in aluminum, pierce the roof of the museum to give a sense of perspective within the subterranean space. Steven M. Davis, a partner at Davis Brody Bond, the architectural firm that designed the museum, said it was crucial that the footprints were represented. “Our memory of the towers is inseparable from our understanding of the site,” he said. 

FDNY Ladder Three awaits installation in the bedrock level of the museum. 

Visitors to the 9/11 Memorial approach the atrium of the museum, which is due to open in Spring 2014. 

The 9/11 museum atrium as it appears between the South Pool and One World Trade Center. 

Time to rest.....!!!here where the angels of all who perished....can come as well come to visit......you'll feel the 'flutter' of their wings.......as we both...look for each other....know that we will meet again..... 

for more information.......here's the link.....to read further........♠



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Thank you for the post and the link. Wow! This museum is gonna be beautiful! I am definitely visiting this place when I visit NYC again.

Again, thanks, Jules. We won't forget. xox

getjets said...

Thank you gg...Yes through our pain....we can now....go to this sacred ground......and visit........the spirits.....I just know they are there....waiting on us..........and at Pentagon......and at Shanksville memorial site....as well....!!

I get so nervous....as 9/11 comes closer.....but together....we get through!!!

capnaux said...

That's a beautiful tribute, Darlin'! Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna link it with my 9/11 post. Thank you!

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Great write up, thanks for posting this!