Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watch in 720p HD. N807AJ begins her journey across the country to Atlantic City, New Jersey to be used as a Fire Trainer. This classic airliner was retired from TWA service in 1973. Shot in 1991 / uploaded with the kind permission of Aviation Media ©

If you love the sounds of old engines, old school flying, before safety glasses, bright reflective vests, safety precautions of any kind, Aviation folks were not scared........to put their HANDS on their work.....this video you have to watch......it's nuts and bolts, and plenty of that great old school black smoke!!!!!!!!!!!

This puppy is  PHANTOM...TWA .Convair.... CV 880-22...

and to really appreciate....this old video...you must read the comments and replies for the information purposes...you may learn a few things.....that History is very important!!!!!!!!!



Paul [Daniel] Asuncion said...


Lots of room in the Mohave...

I think the last time I was on a plane, they were like that. I wasn't even a teenager yet.


I've got to ask, you. PAN AM...the new, upcoming TV series. Have to seen the commercials? It looks like a series that you could be a consultant for: The golden age of flight, when flight attendants were called stewardesses [and didn't mind]

Bas said...

Hey Julie,

Cool! Look at that smoke, lovely! I have jet to see an airliner taking off with that much smoke lol! The comments are darn interesting, and I just learned that those engines also powered the Starfighter (I met a men yesterday who flew the F 104Starfighter!)

Thanks for sharing ;)

Bas said...

By the way, what's that series Paul is talking about? Sounds interesting, yet to come on TV in the US of A?
Take care,

getjets said...

Paul {Daniel} Asuncion...yes I have seen the commercials for the new Pan Am series......and no I am not a consultant....so there goes the show.....they'll learn....

and I don't mind one bit the stewardess word......in fact I have the most awesome Pan Am pic of a stewardess hat...that I will post just for you......I hope you don't mind......!!!!!! give me a little time....it's a very lovely pillbox hat....

and Bas....well I will get to you soon enough....
you know it's something ...when I am willing to go blue in a very RED and WHITE TWA WORLD.....LOL


Craig R said...

That is one smokin' video .... and in more ways than one!

I don't miss the smoke, but wow, did that bring back memories of watching jets take off at Malton Airport (now Lester J. Pearson / Toronto International) when I was a kid. There used to be an observation deck on top of the old Terminal One, and my friend Bruce Barr and I would spend the day up there watching the jets come and go. The smoke from the old DC8s and 707s was always heavy duty ... just like that Convair.

Never flew in a Convair jet, though I have traveled many miles in their 580 series turboprops, which remain in use in parts of northern Canada.