Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lovely Ad...and pleasing to the eye!!!!.....and SASSY TOO!!! Time for a break from the Red for a smidge....^J^

Keep Waiting Luv....He's blinding them with Science...Love the gloves....
FUNNY....my waist was that size when I was born.....


Giulia said...

Love the outfit she's wearing! Not sure if I would put up with the seam on the back of the stockings though...it would be winding around my leg like crazy. I could never keep those suckers straight!

But they sure don't dress up for flying like THAT anymore.

Thanks for the peek into the past. Imagine if we had a poster like that but with today's passengers. *giggle* Not the same effect.

Dave W said...

Morning all,

See pic for today's modern traveller!!

This is my lovely wife on our 12 hour flight from the Maldives to London this year - the bottles aren't all hers - one may be mine! :)

No seams here, only F/A's waiting in the wings with restraining clips!

Unruly passengers? Not us!

This is a one time posting - if "she who must be obeyed" spots it - I'm dead!!

Regards to all

Dave (*hic*) from the UK :)

Giulia said...

Yup...the modern (but very relaxed) traveller... :)))

I don't think I could have worn those stockings with seams on the back for 12 hours on a plane...no way!!!


Now quick, hide the pic.

Thanks, Dave for the smiles this early in the morning for me.

Jules? Where are you? Are you okay? :) xoxo

getjets said...

Hey G G.....I'm right here.....surrounded by Collatral damage out the WAZOOOOOOOOOOOO

It's all good....agree, don't know about those stockings....but you know back then...they were actually stockings with the garter belt..and the remaining 8 yards of the orginal 9 yards..:)))))...no Pantyhose....

I love the colors....and Thanks for checking in my Girl.....
those are some snazzy gloves....Mmmmm wonder if a certain.........would.....never mind...LOL

course this was back in the day....when you dressed for the Flight...not for the place you were going....
has all been lost, except for memories....in many ways...SAD!!!

getjets said...

Dave W.....You changed your avatar too soon...couldn't get a good look.....at your lovely wife....
couldn't count the bottles...LOL....:)))))))the F/A should have made you ahhhh "sing your alphabets...LOL)

bet you have some awesome pictures from that "Glorious" vacation...LOL

were you close to the sunami and earthquake ground zero's?????

Dave W....I am gonna post the picture of the tiger I talked about last week or so....if you want it....COPY AND PASTE...or what ever it takes..to get it to you....COURSE IF IT'S A KEEPER, IN YOUR BOOK....ALL UP TO YOU....

so Lil Tom Tom....avatar....
just kills me...how precious...
must run in the family:)))))


Dave W said...

Hi there,

You can right click and save the pic from my comment and blow it up a little before it blurs if that helps but there's no waaaay its goin back on the profile!! LOL

Bring on the tiger pic......its not a Saints tiger in black and gold bloomers by any chance???

We visited the Maldives in Feb 2005, 6 weeks after the tsunami - how do I remember the date?, well we got "married" there.. I say "married" because it is not legally recognised in the Maldives as it is a Muslim country so we had to make it legal in the UK but to all intent and purposes our marriage occured on that lovely little island with a number of close friends present!

They survived quite well as the water just washed over at a height of about 3 feet after its power was reduced when the wave hit the lagoons...

We have now visited the same island for the last ten years - skint now so no more till the lottery win! Next February will be the first time we have not been on the island for our anniversary :(

I love the idea of just going on hols to watch planes - that could be a plan!

All the best!

Dave from the UK