Friday, February 13, 2015

Gg's Valentine's class... For me ...(tears)...!!!... Thank you from bottom of my heart GG!!!HAPPY MARDI GRAS TO ALL OF GG's class...!!!!YA'LL LOOK SO PERFECT.. It's time to "Second Line"....!!!

Happy Mardi Gras....!!!!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO EVERYONE....!!!!!WANT TO DAVID A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY....!!!! Bend over old man... Got 48 to grow on...;))))))


Giulia said...

A Belated Happy Birthday to you, Dave! One more week until you head off to Heaven-on-Earth. You are so lucky! Quick! Send photos of the beach as soon as you get there. These -40C windchill temps over here are brutal. I need some inspiration that there is an end to all of this.

Give my love to Lucy!

And Jules, we did a second line! The kids had a lot of fun learning about Mardi Gras and it was all in honour of you! :) Aren't their masks really cute?

Happy Valentines Day to you all! xoxoxo

Dave W said...

Thanks GG, great shot of the kids, what a cool idea!
"Next week kids, we'll learn how to mix the teacher's Hurricanes!!"

Not long till we are off, 3 different planes too, an A380, A320 and A340 - whatever happened to "if it ain't Boeing, I ain't goin.."

On Friday I'll be up at 2:15am, that's when online checkin begins, gonna try and bag a decent seat on the whale!

Giulia said...

I'm so excited for you and Lucy! Jules, are you tracking?!

Dave--take lots of pics! ❤️💕😊✈️

Dave W said...

I have sent Jules a spreadsheet with all the flights, complete with times converted to Louisiana time, you'd be very impressed! :)

getjets said...

Oh gg.....I just love that the kids did a 'Second line'.......wish I could have been there to dance along.......I love love love the masks they made.....the picture of them is so Awesome.!!!!.Happy Valentines day girlie......and Happy Mardi Gras...!!!!

getjets said...

LOL>..Dave get a couple of good seats....on that monster, but you'll be hanging out at the stand up bar no doubt.....how wicked...to be at a bar literally standing.....as if your at the pub down the street..Thanks SO much.for the cheat sheet..printing tomorrow.and have everything lock and loaded for the festivities on the 22...CAN'T WAIT...give my love to Lu Lu Bell....I'm so thrilled for you two...SAFE TRIP......!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mardi Gras... of course! I just
thought they were BEAUTIFUL
masks! [I have to get out more. :)]

Safe trip, Dave. :))


Take a look at the Feb. 19 post
on Cap'n Aux's blog. Very

Bas said...

Thanks for the e-mail Dave! I got Lucy on Fb now so now we can all keep track of your holiday, epic!

Those are some good planes you got there, especially since the A340 is a dying breed! They don't build 'm like that anymore...

If you get to see a glimpse of Holland, you better wave! I guess you'll be flying over Belgium.

All the best, enjoy and relax. We'll be here, drooling and tracking :)

Anonymous said...


That pic captures your creativity as a teacher!
It must've been a rich learning experience for
them, but, of course - THEY were just
having fun... :)

- 40 C? Fortunately, on Julie's blog,
it's always 30 C!


St. Maartin? Yes, that would be great!

I must say, Julie, I've travelled far & wide
in the Internet landscape, I cannot find a
blog where there is so much rapport
among those who COMMENT, like I see on
your blog. A tribute to you, and, of
course, a legacy of FROM THE FLIGHT DECK.

Dave W said...

Paul/Daniel, I couldn't agree more with your comment, always a friendly welcome to regulars and newcomers here at MissTWA! And yes, we never forget who first brought us together, good ole Doug M.

All packed and proper excited here!

Maldives here we come!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, Dave!