Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cappy's Book......."Jihadi Hijacking"...............♠

How about a little quality time with Cappy's lates book....."Jihadi Hijacking".....I read it in one sitting.......its that GOOD.....!!!! below are a couple 'links'...if your interested.......make great Christmas preez'ies....Excellent book Cappy.......and here a few words from the Cap himself.....

Dear Cap’n Aux Blog Buddy,
You’re receiving this email as a subscriber to my website, capnaux.com. While I rarely send email to you from this list (ok, this is the first time!), I’d like to let you know of a giveaway for you that I’m very excited about, and I also have a personal request…

My new novel, “Jihadi Hijacking,” is being released next week! This is “Mission 3” of my YA “Spy/Fly” thriller series, and takes place aboard a hijacked A321! (Hey, "write what you know!”)
Today on Cap’n Aux, I’ve posted all about it, and to celebrate its release and to THANK YOU for your support, ALL my books are discounted, and the first two in the Code Name: Dodger series are FREE!

Now, a request: I’m hoping to generate "buzz" over the new book, and this is where you come in…

Please preorder the ebook (available  now) if you’re interested, so I can kick up the Amazon ranking. It's only $3.99 on ebook (kindle or ANY eReader or computer with a Kindle app)—Hey,I'll even buy you a Starbucks when I see you! (If you want a print copy, it should release some time this weekend as well.)

So far, preorders have propelled the book to #3 in the YA “Spies” category, and nearly into a Top 100 spot on the “Literature” category, which has over 100,000 titles!


Thank you so much, my friend!

Here's the book link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015NNW8D0

(to access the rest of my books to get the free ones and order the discounted ones, click on my name on that page!)


By the way, I apologize for the “generic” letter; it’s hard to tell to whom I’m writing by just the email address!

Also, you were “BCC’d” in this email, so your address remains private.

A couple of easy access links.............to review and or purchase the book.........get it on kindle for only $4.99....!!

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