Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Lovely vintage.....

A Fabulous 1948 illustration for Swiss  watchmaking company .... With a BEAUTIFUL "Connie"... Waiting for her passengers .......<3 

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Anonymous said...

Julie... I don't know where you find these great

1948. Only 15 years before I was born. Hard to
believe that WW 2 had only been over for
18 years before I came along. Some say that
post war was a more innocent time - a more
naive time, and that you can see this in the TV
& movies from this era.

I disagree. The people who made TV shows,
and those who watched, were well acquainted
with REALITY: they grew up during the
Depression & lived through WW 2. So, the
"innocent" TV shows & movies were EXACTLY
what they needed.

I read that as recently as 1971, in Halifax, if a
WW 2 veteran was driving by a confrontation
between a cop & a criminal, a veteran might
pull over and use their hand to hand combat
skills to help out the cop!