Saturday, November 13, 2010

"NO 380'S FOR YOU"

My first blog...
I absolutely love aviation!!!! watch the LAX runway cams, both cargo city, and pacific view, also" live myFOX LAX" live stream....though i could just smack(joke) the camera operator sometimes.Just leave the live shot on the runways, PLEASE!!!! But was kind enough to show the inbound Syney  flight landing that was grounded after the landing, I felt like i had a least got  5 of the 6 number right in the lottery, I was so happy to have caught that live!!!!!!
Also listen to live ATC of the LAX tower controllers!!!!  Use the "flightaware" website to see arrivals and departures.  I tell ya, its a full time job just monitoring, ha. I get to work and my A-380 alert thru e-mail, shows progress of A-380 flight from Sydney to LAX, oh, by the way I do get real work done....called "raw talent". ha Anyway,  my google alert about the engine failure with the A-380 showed an update "NO A-380's  FOR YOU",  so there I found Mr CaptainVector...your blog is just Awesome!!!!!! took a couple of days, to cover your history, rereading and such. Just want to Thank You for your creative and informative posts!!!!!!!!!!! Hell, I had to figure out this how to start this blog thing, to hopefully  let ya know, and i am assuming you will receive this...Thanking You again, your are the s$*#t!!!!! And make this Cajun woman very happy... thats all for now, so CaptainVector...get back to work, looking forward to all present and future post!!!!! Miss TWA


Daniel Indy Asuncion said...


Hello. My name is Dan... I'm from the future.

You will be happy to know that your blog will
still be going strong, four years from now.
And, you will have MANY followers.

See you THEN.... :)

getjets said...

Thank you Paul Daniel........How RIGHT your were.....!!!!!