Friday, June 24, 2011

Foggy's Bottom: All the latest news from the Paris Airshow...

Foggy's Bottom: All the latest news from the Paris Airshow...: "...or some of the news that some would not like to see reported, eh Jacques!! Just when it could not get much worse for Airbus................"

FlightAware Photo
Photo Courtesy of FlightAware.com


Giulia said...

Foggy has a wicked sense of humour! It takes me a while, but if I read carefully, I burst out laughing at his stories. :)

But lately, I have been having "commenting" issues with his site too. How come the comments never go through? Julie, I think you had better help him out.

getjets said...

I put this pic on my site for Foggy, my impression is he appreciates "military", and I ran across this pic..and thought of him....
I tried and tried to post it on his site, problems...getting it thru on his blog.... so I just ended up, putting it here....at that time, I also was having problems...so the title is messed up!!

It surely is a striking image, of sacrifice and dedication!!!!