Thursday, June 16, 2011


I found this video.....and it just breaks my heart.....that the glory days are gone.....
yea it's a little mushy....but mush is OK....

I hope whom ever see's and listens, will enjoy!!!!!!

misstwa(because I really do miss TWA Airlines!!!!



Craig R said...

Great video, Getjets. I remember those old TWA Tri-Stars very fondly. We used to see them from time to time at YYZ, back in the good old days when you could spot planes from the roof of the original Terminal One (demolished and replaced with a much nicer, new Terminal One years ago).

All the US carriers used to be on the south and east sides of the old Terminal One, with the international airlines occupying the rest of it (Air Canada, and a few of its partners, occupied the old Terminal Two, now also gone).

TWA normally served YYZ with 727s and the occasional Tri-Star, and you would see them lined up with Pan-Am 707s, an Eastern L-1011 or two, and the American 727s that were always buzzing around. Mixed in would be some other planes from other now-defunct airlines ... US Air had their DC-9s, Braniff had their daily 727, Mohawk had little BAC-111 twinjets, Northcentral had their pretty white DC-9s with the green duck on the tail, Piedmont and their 737s .... it was a plane spotter's paradise.

The international flights were great too - BOAC/British Airways, along with British Caledonian, would each arrive daily with a Vickers Super VC-10 (think big DC-9 with four engines!) while others would come with 707s (BOAC, Aer Lingus, Lufthansa, BWIA), stretch DC-8s (Air Canada, SAS, CP Air), DC-10s (CP Air, Laker, American) and huge 747s (Air Canada, CP Air, Wardair, BOAC, Pan-Am and, every now and then, TWA).

Ah, the good old days! I really miss that rooftop observation area (which was actually the top level of the terminal's parking lot).

Bas said...

The video was shot in 1992, July. That's the month I was born in 1992,almost 19 years ago... Can you imagine?

To be honest, I'm quite jelous I haven't been abled to see the glorious days of aviation.